Bad poetry, anyone?


Some people lie just to get to the truth
trying to dig a grave to the fountain of youth
as if to find peace fighting tooth and nail
by being happy while all the others fail

i try to stay away from the light
because i can't see the meaning of delight
in taking time to defend the lies
that i say to myself every night

you make it hard just to stay in the zone
you make it rain when it's getting cold
so i can stay in the devil's hold
to light a flame on a fireless stove

i could be wrong
you could be right
i could be making this plane a kite

it might be strong
it might just fly
and we might just have the time of our lives

but i am in the state of fear and despair
because i fear this situation's beyond repair
and i don't know what will become of me
if you don't take me a lot more seriously

it's not that i have a forest blaze
down at the counter, nor is it a phase
it's just that this fear turns my wishes and whims
into precariously perched porcelain.


Okay, they're more like song lyrics than poetry.