He was just another sailor
looking to be a saviour 
His vision to him so clear
His eyes determined, no fear
Crossing borders, frontiers
In his ship he’s got no peers
Bright stars the ones to help steer
Him into where he’ll endure

The stress and troubles willfully
Sacrificing himself came naturally
Desires to him was secondary
To his own will to be free
Of hedonistic necessity
Of his ego, so surely
Nothing could get him privy
To matters that were worldly

Alas the inevitable siren
Appears to put a hyphen
Mid-word as they do
Mid-speech why don’t you?

He veers his ship off course
Skewing his path by force
To no fault of his mistress
She was much too flawless

His ever solemn face
Finally carved more than a trace
Of happiness, he’s overjoyed
And now, level with the id of Freud.

this is just some song i wrote to keep my ship afloat.

some day it is today
all bright and blue
all clear the hue
makes it that much harder for me to say.

some chain of events
have led me to lament
my more than fortunate

some others would pray
to be given a chance
to be in my stance
tomorrow, even today.

some might resist
but i would not mind
i would even like to find
those people and enlist

some Being able
to make it happen
but we'd be saddened
because it's just a fable.

some people relish this
I am on the other hand
unwishing this plan
but alas, reality goes undismissed.

some song we have here
it's not very good
written when one should
be in bed instead of in tears..