I gave life to an event from the early years in the chapter of my mission. We set our vision on the waves, which could relate to freedom more than we hoped we could.

"How much more do you need?" She broke into the deafness.

"As much as I can get."  I let a giggle escape through a smile. "You, you know I can never get enough," I was careful to put on the best smile which I thought fitted the most beautiful woman sitting beside me. Always. Also, giggling had been the best cover-up for whenever I stuttered out of nervousness. Regardless of alI that, I knew I would still look like a certain cow anyway. That's the thing when you stayed around a perfection. You can only attempt to impress with very little chance to succeed.

My best smile however was not what water is to fire. It did very little to console her, least did it manage to make her anger subside. It stayed on her face and crushed me. I hated how it stole a spot on her otherwise warm look. I stared into her coral green eyes a little longer in hope the warmth would recover.

"I could give you even more than you need, trust me, I will work a way out for you. But it's not the case. You don't have to go. It's you that matters. Why won't you let go of the past?"

Her hands gripped mine around the wrists in an uncomfortably firm brace. It signalled me that her words were more than a proposal or request, they were a tense note of demand.

"Well you know that's not me, honey. I never gave you up, not once. This is a cause I can't give up on. It's like you're asking me to stop being myself if you want me to let go,"

"You're more than the world to me, Dom. And so I would trade the world for you, if the world's worth was what you needed. But I need you, only. I want you to be safe so quit this, that's all I'd ever ask for. I'm asking you this fully aware of the fact that there you're not the only-"

"Hailee," I gathered enough strength. "You are my world in yourself. But please understand that I live a life with many goals, and that I must go. This is my son, Hail, I am a father of the fewest choices you could imagine."

She had already turned to look at the ocean. A single roll of tear raced in the same direction as the Sun as it set into the horizon.

"My heart will do more than just beat for you from now onwards, Dominic. It breaks for you."

"Like nobody can drain my thoughts of you."

"And you realise that you are the only person who can take yourself away from me, whatever they do to our past and our future."

There was silence as I was dumbfounded. Embarassed of the idea that I was winning a debate moments before actually losing it, smothered with shame.

"When you come home, come home to me."

"I will find every single way home to you."

The air I breathed was vacant of her fragrance. She dragged a path towards the deck, sands tracing her steps one heartbreak at a time. Soon she was away.

Away from me.

I found a flat rock bed and climbed up to get a better view. My feet were stiff and every inch of them ached of my previous running. The clouds formed huge grey umbrellas over the toxic blue ocean.

Rumours had it that the oceans nowadays were infested with mermaids. In case one thought that the idea of bringing a myth into life was lovely, one should do well to be reminded that the mermaids came from the labs. They were created and bred before freed into the open marine. Men had always fancied making creators out of themselves, but creating lives didn't make up that much of a forte. That said, the mermaids weren't released with golden locks and shiny moss green scales. They had not only powerful tails, but incredible speed, deadly spikes coming out from their spines right through the fin, and a plot to reign a kingdom of the blue before the world above it. They carried both the wild instinct of animals and the intelligence of men. I don't know if any of these were true anyway. I never made an attempt to risk my life over what could be just another tell-tale of the Federal. I believed the ocean was contaminated with far deadlier pests than ghostly mermaids. God knows the kinds of industries they got each of us into. I alone have a missing son, for a quick example. Many others have vanished from their families, never to be heard from again. Each day I prayed that God would save me enough time to recover my only son. I hadn't stopped.

As I slowly regained the normal interval between my breaths, I took pleasure in remembering this place the way it looked like when I was with the most beautiful woman who sat beside me. Would the world in herself always be a world so strong to contain me, while I remained so full of my search? And if I were about to finish my mission now and return to the world I built around Hailee, which way is home? My pain eventually found its way to the surface as I longed for the comfort of home even more badly than ever these days.

"Would you come to the beach again with me?" I whispered to the wind that I hoped would in a while reach my son, whose name was erased from my mind, and Hailee.