Have you ever indulged in anything
More thrilling than capturing hearts
For someone like you I could just use a smile

Let me take your hands,
Loosen yourself a bit and trust your intuition
You're filled of grace, they say
An anticipation for heaven

But you did not last the race against reality,
Anyway it's a game of securing your little hands
And controlling your little mind
Was there ever a doubt how I've been a charm
For those angel wings of yours to paralyse and fall

Let me play you my favourite songs
So before your eyes close they'll replay memories
Of how our days have been more delightful
Than the nights you spent solitarily

Have you ever indulged in anything
More thrilling than capturing hearts
For someone like you all it took was to make you smile

It's been wonderful but you just won't last against reality
And fascinating anyway how I had your little hands
The very moment you lost control of your little mind
I sure have been charming enough
That those bruised wings of yours paralysed and fell

You must have not been around
When angels before you warned
That the toughest lives were those lived devoted to what one fell for

But you ran too far when your eyes close again one night
Tears will replace my fingers on your porcelain complexion
As you listen to my favourite song playing on the radio
And weep upon my undoable absence-if love was what the devil in me made you fall for

"Isn't this view beautiful?"
"Oh, you can see the bridge from here?"
"Yeah. You let me down and I'll jump down that bridge. Then you're to blame!" I said playfully while he leaned against the seat. One cheekbone raised, the hint of a smile at the edge of his lips. 
"I'll be watching you do just that from here, enjoying my coffee. One like this."

I stroke the ice cube. My arms gently touched the table. Except for the song that brought me back to when I was 20, many things are now different. Like this seat across me, the air is vacant.

The fight for apprehension on losing verdicts
The bidding of alibis on war torn lands
Tenebrous horizon draw blanket over our creaks
Synchronising gunshots to our aegis grand

We the citizens, your truth and your plight
Lest forget what commemorates your fight
Where the sun sets iron bars blind all sight
Where the sun rises they warm seats all night

Watch as gents in tuxes laugh in the face of our departure
And grey clouds sink our souls into bed-less river

How in sane words are our guns replacing God
Our beliefs a deception, and pure minds outdone
In reaching to you with a stroke to your heart
My bullet in your eyes, your fate almost mine

You alone are your life
And with us our keys to survive
They are not the ones of purebred drives
To trust in uncovering our strife.