Pushing through faceless thoughts
with each and every passing day
seeking truth in confinements
and freedom among chains

Keeping track of what time saved
travelling on edge
dressed in murderous purgatory
while dreaming of dreams

Come sprint to my rescue
and assure me one that
dawn is nearer than near
as I believe it should

Come see my world embrace me
rather than my solitude
one will stay and I hope
what's best is if a part of it is you

Until the day
my world breaks free
of what have long held it a captive
and I, you

Then my bare hands
will welcome veraciousness
emancipated in felicity
boldly magnified alike

So you will know that these tears

wouldn't have withheld me as they would better
had the light wasn't stronger
a hallowed personification of victories


"Solitude makes me want to open my arms and embrace the coldest

of a summer night's breeze from across the bays.

Reminiscing makes me want to wipe off memories that were ever written on the canvas of my mind."

Pale lights coloured random faces as they sat overlooking ferries and cruises run over the waves. Coldness bit her skin and at times blew the edge of her coat. She shivered, but kept her eyes and fingers on the tablet.

"It feels cruel now to let go, it feels better off if it never happened, it feels bitter now to put the facts together, one place where dreams won't fit, and reality is the sun of the future.

Our time has left us, and I have come to a point where you can no longer be in my sight."

She stopped and bit her lip. A painful sigh swallowed by glass clinks and people's cheers. Her neck ached as she lowered her head to hide a tear.

"So long, dear friend. May the past keep me alive in your heart, the future be the promise of my returning to you, and the present be the reasons our hearts outdo this distance.

I will soon return for everything you're worth. And I hope this goodbye won't last longer than we do."

She flipped the cover of her tablet. The screen darkened. Her heavy steps started towards the train station, her eyes laid as far as she could see. Recalling the times when she walked that very path smiling and laughing.

They say come with us
We will walk you to immortality
But my fire is in your eyes
Where I go is where you'll be

Saving us from ill-lighted ancora
And now drenched in perplexed fury
A burning light as cold as ice
Invading this alien sovereignty

This is where our fears shoot the skies
And our hopes challenge sanity
But my fire is in your eyes
Before we go we'll dare them near

Our perplexed fury

can always be bought
can always be walked
cups of tea
you can drink them all day
you can make them go away

because you
subscribed to something true
too true to lose
so there's no way you will choose
to take the other way
and let it just slip away
so everyday
is another chance to say

I'm here for good
are the one for me
Beside you I could
A guy can dream.

Sitting in fetal position, I
sob my way through another century.
Thinking about God knows whats and
the inevitable eventuality.

Fake another smile
Laugh just for a while

Fall back into the puddle on the carpet.
Relish the dampness on your cheek.
Fail to stop exhaling too loudly.
Croak another melody’s antique.

Appear as cool
As a bloody fool

Take your time
Seem sublime

Squint your eyes
Everyone lies.

He was just another sailor
looking to be a saviour 
His vision to him so clear
His eyes determined, no fear
Crossing borders, frontiers
In his ship he’s got no peers
Bright stars the ones to help steer
Him into where he’ll endure

The stress and troubles willfully
Sacrificing himself came naturally
Desires to him was secondary
To his own will to be free
Of hedonistic necessity
Of his ego, so surely
Nothing could get him privy
To matters that were worldly

Alas the inevitable siren
Appears to put a hyphen
Mid-word as they do
Mid-speech why don’t you?

He veers his ship off course
Skewing his path by force
To no fault of his mistress
She was much too flawless

His ever solemn face
Finally carved more than a trace
Of happiness, he’s overjoyed
And now, level with the id of Freud.

this is just some song i wrote to keep my ship afloat.

some day it is today
all bright and blue
all clear the hue
makes it that much harder for me to say.

some chain of events
have led me to lament
my more than fortunate

some others would pray
to be given a chance
to be in my stance
tomorrow, even today.

some might resist
but i would not mind
i would even like to find
those people and enlist

some Being able
to make it happen
but we'd be saddened
because it's just a fable.

some people relish this
I am on the other hand
unwishing this plan
but alas, reality goes undismissed.

some song we have here
it's not very good
written when one should
be in bed instead of in tears..

Bad poetry, anyone?


Some people lie just to get to the truth
trying to dig a grave to the fountain of youth
as if to find peace fighting tooth and nail
by being happy while all the others fail

i try to stay away from the light
because i can't see the meaning of delight
in taking time to defend the lies
that i say to myself every night

you make it hard just to stay in the zone
you make it rain when it's getting cold
so i can stay in the devil's hold
to light a flame on a fireless stove

i could be wrong
you could be right
i could be making this plane a kite

it might be strong
it might just fly
and we might just have the time of our lives

but i am in the state of fear and despair
because i fear this situation's beyond repair
and i don't know what will become of me
if you don't take me a lot more seriously

it's not that i have a forest blaze
down at the counter, nor is it a phase
it's just that this fear turns my wishes and whims
into precariously perched porcelain.


Okay, they're more like song lyrics than poetry.