But then,on the eighth day,Anne misjudged this half-conscious man, thinking that he was fast asleep. He wasn't and,

"Make sure you don't miss the schedule Anne, we won't want to miss this chance. His condition is understand?"

"Yes I understand doctor, but for how long?"

"Nobody came so far, he'll stay here as long as nobody's taking him back."

"But who'll pay for his cost sir?"

"He will."

"What do you mean? I don't expect him to be able to do so,it seems that he has no relatives,"

"He will. Once I've finished studying his case, he sure will pay me back. I'll patent my discovery, Anne,and don't you worry, your name will be in my thesis." He said, a supercilious tone red and alive.


"Do your work, no more."

He heard the sound of foot stamps fading away. But he was awake, eyelids glued. The doctor's leaving.

Then some annoying sound of scribbles on a paper.

"'s time for your medication,"

The man refused to open his eyes at once. This camouflage must go on for another couple of seconds, he thought.


Then slowly, he woke up. Anne's smile greeted him. He didn't smile back, but gave a lost, hollow gaze.

"Take your pills sir,"

He thought again. It's been almost a week, or more than a week, he wasn't sure. But he believed it has gone over a week by then. It must be.

"Here," Anne repeated.

He could see two white pills on her palm, each looking massively frightening to be swallowed. And he didn't feel like swallowing it.

"I'll take it later."

"No sir, you must take it now or you'll miss the hour," Anne persuaded.


He stuffed in the pills, carefully placing it beneath his tongue and pretended to swallow it with a gulp of plain water which Anne had brought in a glass.

"Good, that's it. Now rest, sir."

"Nurse, why am I here?"

"Why, you're still recovering, that's why you're here sir,"

"I need to go home."

"You haven't recovered your memory. Until you've got it back, you'll stay under supervision. I told you not to worry."

He closed his eyes, and Anne left. He was suffocated by the smell of the room and the urgency for answers.


u can't put a comparative right after a superlative, thus making "more worst" really wrong. the correct word to replace both would be "worse".
and the word should be "patent", not "pattern". Look it up.

Yikes,errors. Sorry! Will correct that. And...patent,I've looked it up,that's the exact word. Thanks, :)