"Solitude makes me want to open my arms and embrace the coldest

of a summer night's breeze from across the bays.

Reminiscing makes me want to wipe off memories that were ever written on the canvas of my mind."

Pale lights coloured random faces as they sat overlooking ferries and cruises run over the waves. Coldness bit her skin and at times blew the edge of her coat. She shivered, but kept her eyes and fingers on the tablet.

"It feels cruel now to let go, it feels better off if it never happened, it feels bitter now to put the facts together, one place where dreams won't fit, and reality is the sun of the future.

Our time has left us, and I have come to a point where you can no longer be in my sight."

She stopped and bit her lip. A painful sigh swallowed by glass clinks and people's cheers. Her neck ached as she lowered her head to hide a tear.

"So long, dear friend. May the past keep me alive in your heart, the future be the promise of my returning to you, and the present be the reasons our hearts outdo this distance.

I will soon return for everything you're worth. And I hope this goodbye won't last longer than we do."

She flipped the cover of her tablet. The screen darkened. Her heavy steps started towards the train station, her eyes laid as far as she could see. Recalling the times when she walked that very path smiling and laughing.